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How to Avail Online Casino Bonuses a Number of Times

Online casinos are able to promote better market from their online casino games by offering incentives and bonuses to their online players. This is a way of increasing the patronage of online casino players to an online casino establishment. While the online casino bonuses are numerous to choose from some of them involve several restrictions including being able to avail it only once.

This is applicable to the sign up bonus which is the most common online casino bonus offered by casino site operators. This is a free money and one time bonus that can be availed upon registering and once a first deposit has been made to an online casino site.

But online gamblers can also find quite a few online casino bonuses which they can avail several times throughout their stay in an online casino site. One of this is the match deposit online casino bonus. This form of bonus is a cash incentive that an online player is eligible to claim upon making a deposit to their online casino account.

The bonus amount involved will highly depend on the set percentage offered by the online casino site based on the amount of their player's deposit. The most common is between 50% to 100% match deposit bonus but some online casinos also offer as high as 200% to 400% but it often involved a higher wagering requirements.

Most match deposit bonus has a maximum amount to avail. Hence the player should always check if the bonus amount they can avail by depositing certain amount to their casino account will go beyond the maximum match deposit bonus offered by the casino.

Some online casinos allow their players to avail their match deposit bonus on a monthly basis while some would offer this incentive every each deposit made by their players. Some can also find offers of 100% match deposit bonus on their first claim with increased percentage to avail the next time they make a deposit again.

Because online casinos usually offer different banking options to their players they would also like to handle just a few banking transactions as much as possible for convenience's sake. Hence they devise a new online casino bonus called the banking bonus.

This type of online casino bonus is offered to players who use the online casino site's preferred methods. This is often in the form of a percentage according to the amount deposited by their clients each time they make a deposit.

Another form of online casino bonus that can be availed by online gamblers several times is the refer-a-friend bonus. This form of bonus allows a member of an online casino to avail an incentive once they refer anyone they know to register an account and play to the casino site. The bonus amount can be at a fixed rate while it can also be in the form of a percentage based on the deposited amount made by their referred friends.

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