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How Flash has taken the place of Java

Java casino games were the main dominants in the online gambling industry for almost a decade. This language was preferred by both games developers and games providers, offering good performance, monitoring possibilities and a large range of animations which made the games more interactive and attracting. The only apparent disadvantage of this language was that it required the user to download the gaming platform to his/her computer, install it and then constantly get updates for the games provider. It didn’t seem to be a big disadvantage till the alternative came.

Action script was never considered a professional gaming language, especially not for the gambling industry, until 5 years ago. The main first to switch to flash technology for online money games are NeoGames, which implemented this flash oriented gaming platform mainly on scratch card games. Many games known brands started using this platform such as Hopa, Winnings.com and many more. Winnings.com, one of the leading scratch cards providers in the UK, have actually design their entire site in the spirit of Flash technology, trying to match their general look and feel to the gaming environment which is provided by NeoGames’s platform.

Since its launch, this gaming platform has proven not only more efficient than the Java based gambling platforms, but also more accepted by the players who are not required anymore to download any type of software to their computers. The entire gaming platform is stored on the games provider’s servers and logs are kept with the player’s profile and winnings records.

Since it was used on scratch cards, Action script has expended to other fields in the world of online gambling including casino games, Bingo, lottery and more. Could it be that Action is going to take over Java?

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