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World Backgammon Championship – Why You Should Attend?

Backgammon is considered to be one oldest board game played by two players. They have to move the pieces as per the dice roll. The player who removes all the pieces first from the board wins. Though winning in this board game depends much upon luck, you may win if you play with a certain strategy. Like every year, the 39th Backgammon World Championship was held from August 5 to August 10 in Monte Carlo, and Monaco. Here are the reasons why you should not miss this championship.

Chances of Being World Champion – In World Backgammon Championship, only topmost people can introduce themselves world champion. You should participate if you want that title.

Double Elimination – This year has seen double elimination format which has raised the amount of matches and improve the skill element.

Significant International Field – World Backgammon Championship appeals millions of players worldwide. It represents the scores of nations. The best backgammon players of the world play against models, millionaires and international players and compete for the title.

A lot of Side Events – Along with Super Jackpot, Doubles, and Team Championship, there are other side events included if you don’t get the title and you will have a lot of side actions to please the aficionados of backgammon.
It is held in Monte Carlo – The sun shines higher in Monte Carlo and wine and food tastes better and people are more beautiful than any other parts of the world.

The Fairmont Hotel – No other location better on planet than Fairmont Hotel for backgammon tournament. It has palatial playing rooms. It enjoys stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea and magnificent cocktails.

Geoffrey Parker Prize Board – At the Backgammon World Championship 2013, the Geoffrey Parker Prize Board was really awesome and is crafted by hands. The leather surface is there to handle checkers.

Gala Dinner – At the Salon Bellevue, the Gala Dinner takes place atop Café de Paris. Watch some best backgammon champs of the world strut their cool stuff to the DJ.

The Cocktail Party – At the end, all good things must come. The World Backgammon Championship ends with speeches, presentations, a lot of wine and canapés in style. When getting trophies, you can never resist the moment when you see the sun set.

Le Tip Top – Have a stroll for the five minutes at this pizza restaurant from the Fairmont. Visit www.backgammononlines.com to know more.

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