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Do Not Drink and Gamble

Alcohol and gambling do not mix. If looked at from far away, it may look like a good idea: after all, gambling is fun, and having a few drinks is fun too. Wouldn't putting these two activities together make for twice the fun?

Perhaps -if you have unlimited funds at your disposal. Otherwise, tucking away a martini or five and then heading to the casino gambling floor is potentially enjoyable only while performing these acts themselves. The morning after may see a person who has done so, much less financially stable, and with a horrible hangover to boot.

Let us look at the facts: Alcohol is a social lubricant. While a shot or two can go a long way in making a night out a lot more fun, taken in excess, it can seriously hamper your judgment. In any form, alcohol works by lowering a person's inhibitions. There is a big difference between having a drink so that you can work up the gumption to speak to a cutie at the bar, and getting drunk enough to gamble away your life's savings in one go without giving it a second thought.

Gambling, while fun, is an activity that is potentially addictive. It involves wagering something that is usually of material value -typically money- on a prediction of an event or activity with an unforeseeable outcome. Over 100 slot games are reviewed our Experts. Get a glimpse of these fantastic slot games at www.allfreechips.com/free-slots/. Sometimes, as with games like poker and blackjack, this also involves skill and considerable use of sound judgment. That is difficult enough to employ when sober, and under the effects of an inhibition-lowering intoxicant like alcohol, the likelihood of things ending favorably can become far lower.

While statistics will tell us that any casino game will have odds that will fall quite firmly in the house's favor, and that it is prudent to expect to lose when going to places like casinos and other such gaming establishments, there is always that miniscule chance for victory.

This is often what drives gamers to return again and again to the gaming floor. A lot of gambling websites that have tips on gambling will advise a person to practice restraint while gambling. This can mean setting up a gambling budget, or even to stop gambling once a certain profit target has been reached. This takes a considerable amount of self control. It is a fact that the amount of self control a person has is inversely proportional to the amount of alcohol they have consumed. That is to say, the more a person has drunk, the less likely they are to be able to control themselves.

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