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Gamblers Compendium

GamblersCompendium.com give away tons of free bets some which require no deposit at all yet you can still win real money this is why free bets are an awesome deal for punters here are some types of free bet offers available at Gamblers Compendium.

Free bets are the free balances which are given by the bookmakers as a reward to you for signing up to their site or continuing to use their site. There are many types of free bets available like, bet-match free bets, bonus-match free bets and even free bets for the already existing users. At times there can be terms and conditions on how you can use the free bets, usually you cannot just withdraw the free bet as cash, you've to use the free bet to bet with.

Below are some types of free bets:

Bet-Match / Matched Free-Bet

£20 Free-Bet - Once you've placed the first bet, your betting account will be awarded or credited a value of the bet which you placed, up to a maximum of £20. Say if the first bet you placed is for £15, they'll put £15 in your bet account. With Bet-Match offers you'll generally get a free-bet which matches either the percentage of that bet you placed, or a free bet that matches the whole bet-amount. If you are lucky, you could even get a 200 percent free-bet match offer.

Deposit-Match Free Bet

Make your first deposit of £10 or even more and then get it matched up with up to £200-free. For example, if you've deposited £10 or more in your account, they'll credit your account with a free bet of that same amount, to up to a maximum-of £200. Deposit match offers enable you to receive the free bets after depositing the money rather-than after placing the bet.

No Deposit-Match

No deposit free-bets are common for most online casinos. All you have to do is to register for an online-bookmaker account with a no deposit free-bet and you will receive that free-bet without any need or without you having to make a bet or a deposit, however you may need to give them your payment-details, as also seen with some other free-bets, you may not be able to keep the stake if it happens that your placed free bet wins, but you'll get to keep the profit.


With most bet-match free bets you don't get to keep the free bet-stake as part of the winnings. for example if you may bet £20 and get £20 free-bet and then place a winning bet at say, 2/1, you'll receive the £40-profit from the free-bet but not the £20 free bet-stake. On the other hand, if the offer was a keep-stake free-bet, you'll get the free bet-stake back along with your winnings. for example, if the offer says keep-stakes you'll receive the £40-profit along with the £20 free bet-stake, to make a total of £60.

A Withdraw Turnover

Withdraw-turnover is the number of times you need to or must have played through your free-bet amount, before you're able to withdraw any of your winnings. For example, If you make a £20 bet to get a free-bet of £20 and then win at 2/1, you'll have earned a £40-profit. If the turnover-requirement is at x3, you'll not be able to or you cannot withdraw the £40-profit from your £20-free-bet until you've bet a total of 3 times by £20 = £60. This should not be done with one bet, and there might even be a time limit given for you to make these bets.

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